School life of Play Way kids in VFS is vibrant , full of colour ,laughter and fun and frolic through a variety of activities . We provide them a caring and nurturing environment in fact a home away from home where they get ample opportunities to explore the world around them . Curriculum and activity calendar so planned that helps in developing the cognitive, physical and emotional abilities of the students in a play way method. They get prepared for reading by developing recognition of alphabets and basic sounds of English and Hindi languages at the same time they enjoy rhymes, poems, music , dance and painting activities .

Together they learn lesson in unity and diversity by celebrating all the festival of our great country. We celebrate Grand Parents Day which is always grand success because a grand success because of the unconditional love of the grandparents for our tiny tots. The values like caring and sharing are imbibed in them at this tender age by making them work together in a congenial environment and by making them work together in a congenial environment and by making them share their belongings , including eatables , with their friends . Every child is given an opportunity to perform on the stage so that they get rid of stage fright at an early stage. Grand Parents who have silver in their hair and gold in their heart are the cheer leaders in the family. They took part in various activities like flower arrangement , games , singing of songs , races. etc

As enlightened and concerned parents you can help us in many ways in grooming your kids for future. There is urgent need of parents to generate a love for learning in their wards to not only prepare them to go to school but to get them excited about it. A child is a precursor of the future adult so it is the duty of the school as well as the parents that every child gets holistics upbringing Happy Parenting.

Talk positively about school to your kids even if you personally didn’t have the best experience in the school ,talk about it in such a way that gets them excited about learning and sets them up to succeed . Its really the first step in their entire career that will go far beyond their kindergarten.