Observation more than books, experience rather than persons, are the prime educators.”

A. B. Alcott

We believe in giving our students not only a strong foundation in academics through our “smart class” system, but also in educating their heads, hearts, and hands.

We have a number of co-curricular activities that involve students in active and engaged learning. We organise field trips and educational tours throughout the school year to help our students widen their world view and absorb innovative ideas and practices.

We believe in the importance of promoting a spirit of philanthropy and community service with students actively involved in shram dan and tree plantation drives throughout the year.

Viveka students also get to sharpen their memory and master numbers through the Abacus programme, which involves quick oral calculations and mental arithmetic. Besides helping children gain confidence in solving mathematical problems, Abacus also develops their reading and listening skills, and concentration.

We also lead the way in encouraging students to achieve linguistic excellence through our Language Lab. Be it reading, writing, comprehension, or vocabulary – the Lab equips our students with the tools necessary to become effective, confident, and opinionated communicators.