Class VI Educational Trip – Baner Hydroelectric Project

Viveka Foundations, 27 Oct. 18: An educational trip to Baner Hydro Electric Power Station was organized by Viveka Foundations on 26th October 2018.  38 students 6th grade enthusiastically participated in the trip. Visit was organised with the prior permission and guidance of our honourable principal, Ms Kusum Rana.

Baner hydroelectric Station was established to promote use of electricity. It is constructed on “Baner Khud”, tributary of Beas River. Students were taken to that site so that they can understand the concept of ‘generation of electricity through hydro power’. Mr Suresh was introduced there who guided and introduced the students about the working mechanism of the project A brief on the equipments used in the project was also given to the students. It was told that the power generation capacity of Baner power station is 3-5 MW, as it is a running water project. It was established in 2016. It is first small Hydro electric plant in India to use advance System for removal of silt.

Students were divided into 3 groups for the inside view of the station . They had a close insight to the “Turbine Floor” where they learned about the generation of power through rotating turbines. They had a closer look on the control systems installed.

Overall the Educational Trip to Baner Power station was a grand success. Students were introduced to the prevailing scenario of the project. They learnt a lot out of the trip and showed a great interest. Such visits enhances the interest of the students towards academics and make them think beyond the bar.

Life’s lessons are beyond books and lie outside the boundaries of schools. The students of Viveka Foundations regularly set out on excursions. Each child is encouraged to explore, to question, to think independently and to formulate his thoughts based on his own observations. Educational trips and excursions form an important part of the school curriculum.

Sixty-four students of Viveka Foundations went on a 6-day educational tour from November 24, 2012. Accompanied by four teachers, they visited Jaipur, Ajmer, and Pushkar. The highlights of the tour included watching a movie at the famous Raj Mandir theatre, taking a dip in the Pushkar Sarovar on Poornima, watching a tableau on Muharram, and seeing the dargah of Moinuddin Chishti. On the way back home, our students also visited places of interest in and around Delhi as well as Chandigarh.