Language Lab and Smart Classes : The new initiative by the management of Viveka Foundations has created a revolution in the field of education by providing its students ICT based Learning and Education content which incorporates process of Cognitive Learning to provide the best possible teaching aids and learning solutions.

The technology led solutions help teachers explain concepts better, increase level of understanding of students and help children improve their performance.
It enhances learning by using multi-media based animations, graphics and videos to explain concepts in a very interactive and intuitive manner.
By using the Smart Board content, the teacher can show the student a three-dimensional working model of the same, which will definitely help an average-learner or even a slow-learner to improve their performance.
The implementation of Language Lab has been well received by the school authority and students. “The technology employed in LL offers exclusive practical- oriented and efficient language teaching method to get optimum results, thereby enriching the language proficiency of students”.
By using Digital Language Lab, students skilled the English language they learn. Besides, Digital Language Lab will create an exciting and friendly atmosphere that is unimaginable in traditional classroom teaching. In short, the entire authority of school is completely satisfied with LL and its working in language teaching processes.