Soldier’s life


                                                Apple Skies :Peom


Happiness needs sadness
Success needs failure
Benevolence needs evil
Love needs hatred
Victory needs defeat
Pleasure needs pain
Akhil Rana

The Wind
I do not know from where I come,
I am present everywhere,
With nitrogen, oxygen and helium,
I flow far and near.
I am not visible to the eyes,
I cannot be trapped,
I have neither thickness nor size,
I cannot be mapped.
I carry vapours and dust,
From here and there,
Along with the leaves and the nest,
I am also known as Air.
Vishrava(Class IX)

Feelings of a Book
I am a Book
I have many looks
All love me
All want me
I always give knowledge to you
And whenever you are in trouble
I take you out like a bubble
When you tear me
I feel bad or sad
You should cover me
You should take care of me
Because I am ‘Lord’ or the ‘God’.
Twinkle Patial, Abhilasha Rana (Class IX)

Oh! Its Examination
Oh! Its Examination
Maths for Calculation
Hindi for Comprehension
Chemistry for Experimentation
English for Imagination.
I have come to a conclusion
This problem is without a solution.
Oh! Its Examination.
Anshul Sharma, Sunny Walia(Class VII)