The School provides education and training that integrates foundational knowledge, evidence-based practical skills. This learning experience will allow you to adapt to changes throughout your career.

We at VF’s believe in merging the modern infrastructure of education with the curriculum and modern day teaching Methodology where the students obtain knowledge that last for life long. VFS follows a good mix of sports, academics and co-curricular activities to ensure all round personality development of students.

Students will not only excel in academics but also be exposed to well-balanced co-curricular activities to nurture them into all rounded youngsters at this co-educational boarding school in Palampur.

VFS School is the best co-educational boarding school in Palampur . The lush green campus boasts of a clean, earthy ambience. The school building is a stunning piece of modern architecture. The teacher student ratio of 1:25 is very favorable for the learner who can gain a lot more than just knowledge from our highly interactive classes.

Technology inspired changes and the vanishing barriers of commerce and communication have sprouted into new opportunities in the work place. Work places and transaction processes have been revolutionized. In this new paradigm, the profile of winners and leaders is changing rapidly. VFS trains your child to be that winner and leader.

The desire to succeed and lead in the intensely competitive and technology driven global society is what guides the vision, mission, design and functioning at VFS.